Oh February !

Oh my dear fickle February

That day , you verge upon me

With your shivering voice .


You spellbinder !

My dear sweet spellbinder …

You took up my little heart

With those sham words.


My dear perjurer !

You repeated it again & again

I-love-you.. .. I-love-you truly

With a vestal coy smile.


Oh doll face !

My dear teddy….

This fool…..Little fool..

Immatured merry-Andrew.


Didn’t notice that bouquet of lies

Within your sugarcandy words

And within that smile

Loved you deeply, wholeheartedly.


Ah trickster !

I found you as mine , loved as mine

Now I know there were some many

little hearts consider you Soo.


Hey shark !

For you .. I’m just a minnow

Among other victims in your trawl

buildup with your sham love & words


Dear love , oh Sorry , Mr sham love

After your exit , I received that title

– Pessimist , nihilist and got a

Negationary nature.


Ha ! …

It’s time for saying

Thanks & Good bye






Sham love