( This is a translated version of my previous poem ” കനൽ ” , as per the request from zeesviews & Life beyond imagination )

Beyond the Smile Weaving lips

Beyond the beating heart

A splinter bloomed.


Even in the coldness of snow’s tabernacle

A splinter bloomed

Without the notice of anyone , he bloomed .


Behind a gleam of smile

The weeping heart began to burn

Under the flame of splinter.


The dream weaving eyes ,

The poem composing soul

Were wrapped with darkness.


I relished the beauty of monsoon

Winter & romantic spring

By cherishing a splinter in my chest.


A splinter , an awe

Gifted by love

Blessed by bereavement.


This splinter too hold some warmness

Which can vanquish the warmness of love

A warmness still unknown to human.


For stepping up on

The fire steps of life

This splinter is a blessing.


Those who hold splinter

In their heart , in theirs eyes

No longer failure can’t debacle them.


Oh splinter ! You are a blessing

Born from the warmness of love

Filled with the coldness of bereavement.





Akshaya Thulasi




( Oh God ! This is really a tough task , it takes only 45 minutes for composing this poem in Malayalam “കനൽ” but for this translation ” splinter” it takes more than 2 hours for its completion )



Thanks for reading 😍