God’s worst creation

I wonder ,

For what he created

Such a waste fellow.

He played ,

Many cut – throat game

With her feelings.


He gave her,

Little heart and assigned many

For breaking it

He spread ,

Warmness & love to everyone

But , he engulfed her

Like a flame.


He drenched ,

In her tear with great joy

I think ,

This Akshaya Thulasi

Is a timepass for him.

Is a wag for him

She beg , for a single mirthful day .


His favourite visual image

Is her teary eyes

And favourite aural image

Is the sound of her broken heart

He always covet for

Seeing her as broken angel

Not as jolly angel .


He showered ,

his blessings upon

each & everything in this universe

But excluded ,

Herself for no reason

Why ?…Why ? She doesn’t know..

I don’t know…..Nobody knows..





Akshaya Thulasi

Akshaya Thulasi

I loved painting and drawing for many reasons. One of them was that all it really required was me, a pencil and a pad. It was something I was passionate about, and still am.

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Akshaya Thulasi

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