Life , the real

Jerk her on to a romantic chasm

Frequently visited by all lucifers

They enchanted her

To the proclivity of disappointment

With a penchant for suicide.

When she reached

At the rim of death

A purveyor, advanced towards her

And lighted a lamp

Upon her darkness

Upon the agony of her heart.

That divinity ,named hope

Splashed a new Ray of optimism

On her and give a hand to her

He proferred a shower of love

As a magical rosy on her

By detaching nihilism in her .

Hope , the utopian king

Who provides life for many

Give a new life to her

Vanished pessimism in her

Weaved a smile on her face

Put an end to that hee-haw.

Hope – the prima Donna

Spread light to every darkness

With storge , love and compassion

He is the Lord of helpless people

Whenever the light disappears

He arrives with a pharos of light.

He is the foundation

Upon which all human live

They called him hope

She called him rely of life

I too found it, not as him, but as her

And want to call her shaiha .






Akshaya Thulasi



( This is a poem written , as per the request from shaiha razak 😍 , one of my followers , she wants me to write an optimistic poem on Hope , but I don’t know whether this poem is pessimistic or optimistic ? It is really hard for me to write an optimistic poem. Dear readers , please endure , if this poem is boring .)