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  • My Love To An Upstart Crow
    What a comedy it was Oh Robert Greene, I am in love with your Upstart Crow Once you called him – The Upstart Crow Now centuries after centuries This […]
  • Love In The Times Of Corona
    Government proclaimed lockdown Against a pandemic outbreak Was the beginning of a love pandemic Over my heart. It has ensued like a summer rain. The seeds of that relish […]
  • An insight From Amaltas
    The glow of golden shower tree’s Golden flowers fall on my naked eyes And Hold me still at my window sash For a few minutes A few days back, […]
  • Love98
    My love just begun When I heard the tip-tap Of your footsteps then. Through the grills it pop-up On my ears immured at cell 98. Then we met at […]
    COMICS + POEM | GUEST POST by UNNI BABU PN:- Actually, I am really honored to have this remarkable post from such an extraordinary man – on my blog. […]

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