Good morning

Through my windows,

That virgin sun rays

Fall upon me ,

Like a shower of love

And said Good Morning.


Through my half sleepy eyes,

I gaped , upon the sun

He goggles at me ,

Guffawed at me

Then wish me , Good morning.


Through a miraculous voice

He ardently murmured

wake up this day

Wake up , wake up…my sweety

Please take my Good morning.


Through a benign touch

He admonished me to

Forget the pain of yesterday

Enjoy the joy of today

And said Good morning.


Through the Sunbeam hug

He said , from today to tomorrow

Now and forever

I will There for you

With a sweet Good morning.


Through that cold breeze ,

He requested me to

Have the honor and the privilege

To call me his wife and to wish

Everyday Good morning .


Through a melodious song

He sang ,

Wants to be my favourite hello

And hardest goodbye

Also , dearest Good morning.


Through the alarm clock ,

I realize that ,it was a dream

an improbable dream

Then I wake up with usual sadface

Wished myself a Good morning .






Akshaya Thulasi