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Love you all…. Stay blessed 💙💙💙






Akshaya Thulasi



Hey ! I’m Red Red Rose

They love me , me too

They want to clasp me in her hands

Then I hate them.


But one day she came

With her mild hand & beating heart

Then she touched me

Then I heard her heart beats.


I peer into her eyes

Shining like diamond

No tears , but only love for him

Even her heart beats his name.


I wonder , what a love !

What a girl ! What an eyes !

Oh ! that heart beats !

I devised myself to that divine love.


I beg her to take me

As a gift for her beloved

she blinked , blinked for a minute

With great surprise.


Then she plucked me

with her mild hands

By chanting something

Within her heart .


I enjoyed it , loved it

For the first time

I sojourn with snug

Within her hands .


Suddenly , spot a variation

In her heartbeat

An alluring in her eyes

Vibration on her hands.


I saw him , her own sweetheart

Through her shining eyes

Her heartbeats proportionally

Increased as he come nearer to us.


I wonder , what a divine love

With her beating heart ,

She gifted me to him

I felt so blessed.


Now me too

This red red rose

Is a part of true and pure love

Not bounded with any boundaries.


That pretty girl immortalised

My mortal soul with her divine love

This Rose is so much thankful to her

May their love last forever and ever .





Akshaya Thulasi


From my mind