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A comment on computerised world # the imaginary world

This is what I felt now about my contemporary world at this moment . But I don’t know why I’m posting this , also don’t how this thought come to me at this moment !!!!



Life without computers is unimaginable today . We can do anything at anytime in anywhere . It enable us to know , what we know about , within seconds . We connect ourselves with beloved , who is far away from us . Moreover, It can speed up our day life . It reduced our duties . It put down our tensions .

Beyond all these positive aspects , these technological developments made us mere puppets in their non living world . It throw off feelings , emotions , love , passion , caring , concerns , responsibilities etc from us .

We considered ourselves as the master of all technologies , but the truth is that they are our masters😁😁😁

It is quite visible we are not living in our green planet – Earth .

The latest generation is far away from the beauty of this green planet .Their eyes were covered with colourful lights from social medias , they can’t see the rising sun , can’t feel the morning breeze , can’t enjoy the kukoos melody , can’t taste the nector of flowers , can’t smell fragnance of rose ….Even they can’t enjoy the life in their Paradise _ their home ,and were unable to have the love from their God – their parents , miss moments with faerys – their siblings …….

Today’s reality ( from my perception )

  • 1356780 Facebook friends
  • 678911 Twitter friends
  • 34569 WhatsApp friends


Outside the ICU he had only his wife , his children & his parents.

For whom he never had time to spend

So ,


Move out of the imaginary world , &

Spend time with

Your Family


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About Ashik

Ashik Thulasi – my sweet brother

Actually , you are the precious gift from God , Almighty , for picking me back to my life whenever i fall into depression . To me there are only few people with whom I keep my soul , next to our parents , it’s You ..Thuhiii…. My dear sweet little bro !!

I grow you together with you . We shared our childhood . You are the partner in my crimes ( partner in all my thallukollitharams😋) , supporter , superhero , mentor , a hand in danger ,my horegallu . It is true that there is no secret in which is kept away from you , I hope you too have none😉.

You are unique as only with you I can be equally smart and stupid . You are the only person , with whom I can be my myself💜

We have the same family , same family , same blood , same foolishness , but the more important thing is that you can understand me without words and support me no matter what .Thank you always being near

Love you so much dear

Love you …


( This is a post posted for my brother , as he wants me to post one blog for him .)

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Theory of SMILE

A warm smile is language of kindness, because of your smile you make life more beautiful.

Smile , it is the key that fits the lock of everybody’s heart .The real man smile in trouble , gathers strength and grows up with positive spirit. Nothing you wear is more important than your smile. Your will give you a positive countenance that will make people comfortable around you . We shall never know all the good that a simple smile can do .

I love those who can smile in trouble , who can gather strength from distress and can spread their smile to light up the mind of those who were in the depth darkness .

Just smile ! Gave smile ! Take smile ! Get out of your problems , get them out from their problems ! .This was the theory I had gathered from my life .😋😋😋..oh no …it’s the theory I had gathered from the life of my professor Ms Jolly Malayam , but it is the theory of mine too.

Smile is actually the language of heart so it can understand the feelings of another heart . A single can capture any hard heart . One smile can save a relationship & one smile can start friendship. I never get tired of smiling . I’m just a kind of girl who likes to smile .

So I decided to …….

  • Let my soul smile through my heart and my heart smile through my eyes , that I may scratch rich smiles in sad hearts .

Beauty is power ,a smile is its sword .

So please keep on smiling

Spread you smile