Akshaya Thulasi is a 22 year old English literature Student from Kerala, India. Currently, she is doing her master’s in English language & Literature at Indira Gandhi national open university. At the same time, she has been working as an English Content Writer in a digital marketing company named Webinnovates in Kerala.

According to herself, literature is in her blood and breathe. She has started writing since 2008 but kept all those within her privacy. Then, in 2018, she has commenced a personal blog of her own under the name “From my mind” and published her poems in that WordPress Blog platform. After a year, she has hankered to publish her poems as a book under the same title. Also decided to publish it on her birthday – August 20 with the help of notion press platform. Now, she is published author of two books. She has written 112 poems in English and Malayalam, 3 short stories,  7 essays and 467 quotes. 

Malayalam is my mother

English is my father

Literature is my husband

Poetry is my son”

_ Akshaya Thulasi


U r an awesome writer 😍 Keep going and reach more higher levels of success 😍. Ur writings are really heart touching and motivating . Never stop writing. Go on with ur talents and chase ur dreams and keep motivating others 😍

Ajin Lawrence, Kerala

From My Mind is such a very well designed blog that’s all about motivational words and real feelings. This is a blog with an active feed. This is not just a website nor a blog, this is a marvelous mixture of words, emotions and observations of Akshaya. Extremely powerful verses of a young girl from Kerala.

Ashish Kumar, Jharkhand

Author of यादों के पन्नों से

You are such an amazing writer Akshaya and humble fellow too. Your words are so magical ❤️ always give such mesmerizing vibes which I adore 😍just keep it up. I personally loved your work🤗

Hardipsinh Vansadiya, Gujarat

Hello dear,

I’m reading your works from past 2 years now and day by day you’re getting better by your skills and those words you articulate in your writings are very well arranged. So, in this young age you are achieving milestones which hardly anyone achieved.

You have very own multiple books published if I’m not wrong and the genre of those books are worth reading.

In short, the presentation in your writings are loud & clear & are visible to every soul who can relate it. So, blessings from mi side & happiness on your way Akshaya.

Stay Blessed!

Nirant Gurav, Maharashtra
Author of Love From 97

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