As I sit there, outside my asylum
Where people are breathing bliss
Where I can breath woe only
For hours and hours
With the company of a numb mind
Enchanted by awful thoughts
Of past and present events
Visited me outside my asylum
Where my eyes can see
Where my ears can hear
Where my nose can smell
Where my skin can feel.

I Collected and recollected them
Again and again to taste
A bit of sweetness
Rather than the bitterness I tasted
But I can’t
Only bitterness oozed out of it
Once more once more.

Then my near dead heart begged me
To close the lobby of my heart
Before those thoughts of misery
And requested me,
“Can we go back to your asylum”
Where your soul breath bliss only
Through your thoughts of fantasy
Where your soul taste euphoria only
Through your words of phantasy
Where I can melt like an ice.
Can we go back to your asylum
Where you have only You Yourself.

None to clinch you cry

None to cinch your smile.”

Once again asked me,

“Can We??”

Then I said, “YES”

Because there I can be Myself.

Back To My Asylum