Regardless I am weak or not
I am enjoying this life I’ve gotten
I am facing all the challenges I was given 
Because I know this,
Life is not an imagination
Where I can stay worry-free always
Where I have no struggles to face
Where someone always keeps me happy
Instead it’s a destination
Where I should learn from struggles
Where I must face challenges
Where I need to keep myself happy always
Regardless I am strong or not.




Akshaya Thulasi🦋

Regardless I’m Weak or Strong..✒️

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As a soldier!

Every year we celebrate Indian Army Day on January 15. And today, it’s another January. Let us salute all the heroes who are protecting us every day. 

Here’s a little poem as a tribute for all Indian Soldiers.

As a soldier!


Half Broken! Half Mended!

He only exhibited courage in his eyes

Never a single drop of tears

That falls over his heart every day. 

When half of his heart lamented

To see his loved ones.

Half of his heart get mended

To save his land, 

As a soldier. 



His youth is falling

His desires are calling

His life is crawling

He never complained

He never get worried


Neither his youth nor his desires

Is important to his life, 

As a soldier. 



A thunderstorm hits him every night

On looking at his family photo

On thinking about a dinner together

On counting all unfixable desires

He fixed himself to save his land

From all the thunder and storm

Round the clock every day

By holding his head high

As a soldier. 



I dunno him

He isn’t my family 

He isn’t my friend

I do respect for his

Half heart that laments for his family

Half heart that’s mended for us

Yeah! We should pray for him

We should respect him

As a soldier. 




Akshaya Thulasi🦋

My Love To An Upstart Crow

What a comedy it was

Oh Robert Greene,

I am in love with your Upstart Crow

Once you called him – The Upstart Crow

Now centuries after centuries

This Earth calls himself as English Literature.

Yes, I am in love with him

I admire him, because is unlike others

Do you know why?

Hey, you must know why

Ask to anyone in my country

To name an English Poet

You can hear his name from every lips

Even from the lips of a primary school lad.

Then ask your name- Robert Greene

You can hear “who” from every heart

Yes, you may be university wit

Well and Well educated

But he, who with basic education

Pasted his name

On every heart, every mind, every brain

As an inevitable page of english literature.

Years passed, You passed, He too Passed

I took my birth

I heard his name, read him

When I am hearing his name from six

In every page of my swot

But I heard your name only 19

On a single page, on a single line

That you have called him an Upstart Crow


From then,

My Love to an Upstart Crow Commenced

On the veins of my heart

And started reading him through his writings

From sonnets to tragedies

I met Desdemona, Cleopatra, Calphurnia,Portia

Aww! Those female characters

I met Caesar, Antony,, Hamlet, Brutus, King Lear

Alas! Those Male Characters

Also that unlucky lovers

Romeo and Juliet

They told me,

Observation and creative

Are the chief components

For the formation a poet

Not the masters and the social status.

Yes! I do love that Upstart Crow

Than you, dear University Wit.

Government proclaimed lockdown

Against a pandemic outbreak

Was the beginning of a love pandemic

Over my heart.

It has ensued like a summer rain.

The seeds of that relish began to cherish

Over my heart to all over my veins.

Then each day I found myself melting

In between every words of herself.

She plucked me from my bookshelf

To watch the romantic hop of leaves

The gala of cloud couples over the sky

The whispers of gales to breeze

To read the billet doux

Written by roses for their bees.

I dunno how I am being now

I dunno how to describe these days

I dunno how to describe herself

The one who injection DNA of Love

To my cells and broken heart.

I found king Menelaus’ helena in her.

Sometimes Juliet, Desdemona..

Now am affected by love pandemic

But once,

I stayed with my strayed thoughts.

My mind was pulled to a inferno

After the visit of several epidemics.

They infected every vein of my bliss

And injected the DNA of woe

All over my body.

Initially, I tried to treat and heal

Myself, whenever an epidemic enters.

But, with the changing calendars

I found, am getting affected with more.

Each disease born around me

Will arrive on my way to create a holocaust.

Albeit, when it turned to shake my insanity

I decided to confine myself

Within my book shelf

And to live with my strayed thoughts.

Only within a world of letters and thoughts.

Then, by the end of 2019

I heard about a pandemic

Over the shores of china

My thoughts didn’t bother about it

Because its outbreak is far from me.

Days after, I heard another news

That is the news of its advent.

Then, my thoughts scribbled the title

“Death in the times of corona”

On my writing pad.

As I expected

Nothing good will arrive on my way

But only every holocaust.

As an unexpected twist, then

Her pandemic love arrived

On my shore to erase the corona fear.

Now everything changed within few days.

Covid 19 Lockdown turned me

To get locked within her

And Today, my romantic thoughts

Scribbled the title

“Love in the times of Corona”

On the walls of beating heart.





Akshaya Thulasi 🌼

Love In The Times Of Corona

The glow of golden shower tree’s

Golden flowers fall on my naked eyes

And Hold me still at my window sash

For a few minutes

A few days back, in a march morning.

With great astonishment, I gazed at

Those pendulous yellow flowers

Cascade down in plenty

To allure the fiery summer sky.

Zephyr from east, west, north &south

Cuddled her innocence beauty.

On feeling it, my lips murmured

No amount of poetry can narrate you!

Within this golden shower view

I am totally,

Despoiled! Despoiled! Despoiled!

What? Who? How? Hey!

Are you here or somewhere else??

I heard the indignant voice of my mom

Ah Ma! Look! Come Look! Look Ma!

Like a yellow cascade, how beautiful!

Look that streaks through it, Alluring!

She said nothing what I expected

But said,”So early! No use! Just move on!

What? No use?

I twisted and turned my thoughts

Throughout the day through it.

Even though, there is nothing in it.

By the night, some life quotes

Began to burgeoning in me

As the sum of my myriad thoughts

At the midnight, it has bloomed

Over the screen of my quote creator App.

I scribbled,

“Nature is the ultimate reflection

Of You, Me, I, He, She, They, It

This is what I have learned today

Our mind is like an Amaltas flower

Which blossoms so early for something, and

Falls just before when that something

Is about to reach it at the right time.

So Early! No Use!

Yeah! Nature is the ultimate reflection

Just read it! Learn it & Move On!”.






Akshaya Thulasi🌼

An insight From Amaltas

My love just begun

When I heard the tip-tap

Of your footsteps then.

Through the grills it pop-up

On my ears immured at cell 98.

Then we met at the corridors

Of my asylum outside insanity

And now we’re meeting at the doors

Of our own asylum inside sanity

Everyday, since 1998.

Years have gone like last winter

Days have grown like our children

Even if, we haven’t grown yet

Gone years marked several changes

And now am not at all that girl at 98.

Once we were admitted there

As there were nothing for us

Within our broken hearts

Than the back cracks of pains

Until our hearts met in 1998.

You filled my heart with love

I shared my love with you.

Beyond any medical treatment

You healed me, I healed you

With our love at 98.

Now you’re a doctor

Not of heart but of mind

Who always suggest

Love mania to treat mania of mind

With the lessons of your life in 1998.

I agree you thousand times

Because I know how your love

Coloured my life with VIBGYOR

Till now, we have painted

Zillions of memories with our love98.

Yes we call our life as love 98

Then named our house as love 98

Because love is such a powerful wave

Which can vanish any pain, heal any vein.

Alike how it draws our bliss in 1998.

I asked him by lying on his lap

“why stupid you’re laughing?”

Oh no baby! You’ve recited an amazing poem.

Stupid! It’s not a poem – it’s our story

But dear, it’s rhyming with our love98.





Akshaya Thulasi 🌼


As I sit there, outside my asylum
Where people are breathing bliss
Where I can breath woe only
For hours and hours
With the company of a numb mind
Enchanted by awful thoughts
Of past and present events
Visited me outside my asylum
Where my eyes can see
Where my ears can hear
Where my nose can smell
Where my skin can feel.

I Collected and recollected them
Again and again to taste
A bit of sweetness
Rather than the bitterness I tasted
But I can’t
Only bitterness oozed out of it
Once more once more.

Then my near dead heart begged me
To close the lobby of my heart
Before those thoughts of misery
And requested me,
“Can we go back to your asylum”
Where your soul breath bliss only
Through your thoughts of fantasy
Where your soul taste euphoria only
Through your words of phantasy
Where I can melt like an ice.
Can we go back to your asylum
Where you have only You Yourself.

None to clinch you cry

None to cinch your smile.”

Once again asked me,

“Can We??”

Then I said, “YES”

Because there I can be Myself.

Back To My Asylum

I waited for your arrival,

To feel your cold breeze.

I longed for your revival,

Which let my bliss to unfreeze

For next year.

Dear december,

With the thought of your alight

I’ ve made myself to remember

How you bright my life with light

Last year.

Still when you breeze in

You wind up all my bliss

Than bringing my all out bliss in

And you wet my eyes like this,

This year.

Dear december,

I dunno why this to me

I didn’t do any tort till november

But you did this delict to me

This year.

But do you know?

You’ve broken a heart

That wished to celebrate your arrival

With all her smiling heart

This year.

Dear december,

No need to convince me this time

I do remember

How you convince me every time

But i won’t work this year.

As you broke my toil

Into several piece of stones

I realized the fact – I’m born to fail

And I ceased my intones

To embrace you in the coming year.





Akshaya Thulasi🌼

Dear December