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My Love To An Upstart Crow

What a comedy it was

Oh Robert Greene,

I am in love with your Upstart Crow

Once you called him – The Upstart Crow

Now centuries after centuries

This Earth calls himself as English Literature.

Yes, I am in love with him

I admire him, because is unlike others

Do you know why?

Hey, you must know why

Ask to anyone in my country

To name an English Poet

You can hear his name from every lips

Even from the lips of a primary school lad.

Then ask your name- Robert Greene

You can hear “who” from every heart

Yes, you may be university wit

Well and Well educated

But he, who with basic education

Pasted his name

On every heart, every mind, every brain

As an inevitable page of english literature.

Years passed, You passed, He too Passed

I took my birth

I heard his name, read him

When I am hearing his name from six

In every page of my swot

But I heard your name only 19

On a single page, on a single line

That you have called him an Upstart Crow


From then,

My Love to an Upstart Crow Commenced

On the veins of my heart

And started reading him through his writings

From sonnets to tragedies

I met Desdemona, Cleopatra, Calphurnia,Portia

Aww! Those female characters

I met Caesar, Antony,, Hamlet, Brutus, King Lear

Alas! Those Male Characters

Also that unlucky lovers

Romeo and Juliet

They told me,

Observation and creative

Are the chief components

For the formation a poet

Not the masters and the social status.

Yes! I do love that Upstart Crow

Than you, dear University Wit.


✳️ Literature Student ✳️From USA ( United Streets of Arackal)  ✳️Indian  ✳️Malayalee ✳️Kollam district # kottarakara  ✳️ Pet name : Thumbi ✳️ Become 20 on 20 August 2018. Akshaya Thulasi is a 20 years old English literature Student from Kerala, India. Currently, she is doing her master's in English language & Literature at Indira Gandhi national open university. At the same time, she has been working as a English Content Writer in a digital marketing company in Kerala named WEBINNOVATES

5 thoughts on “My Love To An Upstart Crow

  1. I’ve never ever heard of this Robeet Greene.

    Someone I take it who badmouthed Shakespeare calling him an upstart Crow.

    As my Uncle Jack occasionally used to say to a few people, “How does it feel to be an idiot?”.

    A good question to ask the ghost of Robert Greene if one should encounter him.

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