I waited for your arrival,

To feel your cold breeze.

I longed for your revival,

Which let my bliss to unfreeze

For next year.

Dear december,

With the thought of your alight

I’ ve made myself to remember

How you bright my life with light

Last year.

Still when you breeze in

You wind up all my bliss

Than bringing my all out bliss in

And you wet my eyes like this,

This year.

Dear december,

I dunno why this to me

I didn’t do any tort till november

But you did this delict to me

This year.

But do you know?

You’ve broken a heart

That wished to celebrate your arrival

With all her smiling heart

This year.

Dear december,

No need to convince me this time

I do remember

How you convince me every time

But i won’t work this year.

As you broke my toil

Into several piece of stones

I realized the fact – I’m born to fail

And I ceased my intones

To embrace you in the coming year.





Akshaya Thulasi🌼

Dear December