A dark wrapper of abjectness

By darkness of self distrust

Rapidly removed with acuteness

Of light from self respect & trust .


Darkness in life is the light of life

That light , some said it’s maturity

The end product of earthly life

And derives from awake to reality.


Life is a amalgam of vice & virtue

Sometimes it may bring worse

Another time better will accrue

From worse,with a light of amuse.


There is no light without darkness

Light without darkness is fruitless

All are nothing in the lack of darkness

Even moon will become beautiless.


To Relish the taste of light from life

We must change our attitude & views

Infer , darkness travels faster in life

Than light in the theoretical allude.


Stop looking into others’ life , works

And theory of darkness from life

Just compile new theoretical works

Via enjoying that light from your life.





Akshaya Thulasi 🌼

Light from life