A beam of darkness

with a radiant heat

Fall upon my soul

On an autumn day .


The flowers sprouted

With the fragrance of romance

And they began to cherish

In the glorious light of romantic Sun.


But darkness began to spread

over my little soul

With irksome pain of hell

And eyes were filled with mirk.


The fruit of happiness began to ripen

Through the blossom of autumn day

The whole world began to dance

In the meadow of merry .


But I – with darkened soul

Remain in the mirk of sadness

No light of merry come to break

The bounds of mournful autumn.


I don’t know

How this darkness engulfed me?

Don’t know

Why it conquered me ?


Yet ,I had learned that this darkness

Darkness fall upon my soul

Won’t be vanished through any Siva chant

Or by the fragrance of autumn





Akshaya Thulasi 🌼

Darkness upon my soul