That day

When this little creature

Were brought into that cave

Cave of darkness made for witches

By some antagonistic forces

Because of the pessimism in me.


You zephyr

Zephyr from North

Barge into that cave

Blow into the miasma in me

Which brought me here

You began to blow here within me

with your freshness & fragrance.


Broke that darkness

Drove out those witches

With your glossy eyes

And lighted that cave and my mind

With your vivacious face

Crack out that balky silence

With your dulcet voice .


Your coldness tear off all negativity

Forged into me by my life

You begot a new life for me

Weave a modish smile for my lips

Compose a fresh voice for my throat

Spread an unusual brightness for eyes

You had made a new me in me.


Your presence

with your viridity and virility

Began to bloom in me

Through unknown happiness

You had brought

dreams, dews, dribbles

of happiness for me .


May be ,there were many difference

Between North and South

Between a Zephyr and a dragonfly

You don’t have wings but I have

But we both can fly with glee

Can fly towards same direction

Can bloom without gloom.



You Zephyr from North

Erupted in this southern damsel

You are the sun for my days

And the moon for my nights

I want to allocate you

My summer,spring autumn&winter.

I don’t want to loose you .


Love you my dear

Zephyr from North

Now Cuddle my cheeks

with your icing hands .

Look ! Look ! Look !

Indian ocean is looking at Himalayas.

And waiting for Himalayan breeze.






Akshaya Thulasi 🌼

Zephyr from North