Hey Assailant

Don’t be soo cowardice

Why don’t you stop this dice

Be a courageous warrior

Not a coward warrier.

You played a lot of games

Cruely in fate’s names

I hate you stupid

Your actions are rapid

In an unexpected moment

In the times of extreme excitement.

Hey idiot …

Endue & play face to face

Come & fight face to face

Be a man

Don’t be a ban

On my happiness

With inappropriate sadness.

How can you choose me

As your opponent in your eye

Hey youuuuuuuuuuu….

Why you choose me as opponent

There were millions & millions

Of people in this world

But why me ???

If you want to fight me

Want to take revenge on me

Come , but directly

You can defeat me , but fairly

As a warrior , not as a coward.

Then I will give my life as a reward.

Soo stop this hide and seek

On my life through a peek

Into my happiness

By leaving grief-strickeness.

So cease this cruelty on me

If you want to defeat me

Just kill me by one stroke

With your black cold stick .

Oh dear …..

I can’t endure no more frustration

So take my life of concatenation

Of depressive failures.

Now my life & heart allures

For a life without day & night.

So kill me my dear knight.






Akshaya Thulasi 🌼

Hey Assailant….