One-day life mysteriously took

Breath on me

Mysteriously put lips& heart in me

Mysteriously taught me

The word happiness

Mysteriously spread a black shade

Of the word sadness over it

I wonder….

How these two come simultaneously

Like a mysterious game

Played by children

Just for fun

But this mysterious game

Played by someone

Is not for fun

But for what ?

I don’t know…

But I can understand one thing

That sadness is directly

proportional to happiness

As happiness increases

The sadness will also increases.

This mysterious game will

Deposit a dark pale of depression

over the merry cherry heart

Stow drops of tears to wet

The jocular smiling lips mysteriously.

Fedup with this mysterious game

Want to break the rules

And let it them fly in the sky

Don’t want to be happy

As don’t want to bear sadness

Mysteriously for no reason.

Want to quit this

Mysterious Game






Akshaya Thulasi 🌼

The Mysterious Game