ShE is a thief

Has dark eyes

with black boundaries

Of mysterious beauty

She is a thief

Has no lust for wealth

Has a mind with health

To please him

She is a thief

Come to steal his heart

With her white love

From her red heart

She is a thief

Who always prowl

to capture his heart

For alloting her whole life

Within his heart

She is a thief

Hankers for constructing

A palace on his heart

With the diamonds of her love .

She is a thirsty damsel

Thirstiness , not for mann-dew

But for his luscious love.

She is a thief

Wants to pilfer his name

Wants to make it her surname.

She is a thief

Hates worshipping God

But always worships him

And exalt her love on him

She is a thief

Dedicated herself for him

In endless tarry over nights.

Finally , she found him

Across the valleys of dark night

Through her half dying eyes

By opening her half dying ears

She asked for his name

With her half dying voice

With his benignant voice

He replied ……………..

People call me DEATH.





Akshaya Thulasi 🌼

The Thief’S Tarry