When you look into my eyes

You can see buried dreams

When you listen to my heartbeats

You can hear buried dreams.


Whilom those dreams forge

On my heart with a burble

Of melodic colours of dodo

With the wings of bird chief.


They made my Iris to dance

On the floor of imagination

They made my heart to weave

Fantasy with golden threads.


But they were buried here

Under my heart now

With burble of broken heart

And bathing in my salty tears.


Dreams are the wings of life

Dreams are the colour of eyes

Dreams are the guide of thoughts

But they are the pain of our heart.


Living with buried dreams

Is worse than dying with bullets

It’s painful than burning injuries

They are the pain of our life.


Buried thoughts will attract

Negative insects and debris

To our heart through others

It will bring pessimism on Us.


Don’t let our dreams to burial

Don’t allow our dreams

For filling tears on your eyes

And for breaking your heart.


Weave limited dreams

Then fulfil them

with our own hardwork

Prevent your dreams from burial.


Don’t weave dreams

Which need others part tooooo

It will leave buried dreams

Under your heart with trauma.


Make your dreams unburied

Think clearly

Dream wisely

Understand what we are ..





Akshaya Thulasi 🌼

Buried dreams