Afar the smiling red lips

There is a growing pain

With black lips of trauma

Can’t be noticed by no one

Can be proliferated by anyone.


The pain is growing

Without notice

Without permission

Without relief

Without reason too..


The growing pain is not the pain

Of despair in love or romance

Not the pain of financial wreck

It is the pain from beloved ones.

A gift from beloved trusted ones.


The growing Pain is sowed

By the actions of someone else

Then fatten by another someone

Then they all will pile up

Within the heart for erecting

Tears of thick red gore of pain.


There is no pain killer discovered

There is no excercise unearthed

For abating this growing pain

Can’t be amortized by the prudence

The pain will grow & grow forever.


Sometimes it is injected

Through their eyes of hatred

Through the limbs of their actions

But mostly through the lips of words

They used against us for no reason.


Words are the omnipotent weapon

We can sow the seeds of relief

We can sow the seeds of pain

Through it and can reap high yield .

But don’t use it for growing pain .


Always try to reap the fruit of relief.

Because growing pain is demise





Akshaya Thulasi

Growing Pain