Hey Assailant

Don’t be soo cowardice

Why don’t you stop this dice

Be a courageous warrior

Not a coward warrier.

You played a lot of games

Cruely in fate’s names

I hate you stupid

Your actions are rapid

In an unexpected moment

In the times of extreme excitement.

Hey idiot …

Endue & play face to face

Come & fight face to face

Be a man

Don’t be a ban

On my happiness

With inappropriate sadness.

How can you choose me

As your opponent in your eye

Hey youuuuuuuuuuu….

Why you choose me as opponent

There were millions & millions

Of people in this world

But why me ???

If you want to fight me

Want to take revenge on me

Come , but directly

You can defeat me , but fairly

As a warrior , not as a coward.

Then I will give my life as a reward.

Soo stop this hide and seek

On my life through a peek

Into my happiness

By leaving grief-strickeness.

So cease this cruelty on me

If you want to defeat me

Just kill me by one stroke

With your black cold stick .

Oh dear …..

I can’t endure no more frustration

So take my life of concatenation

Of depressive failures.

Now my life & heart allures

For a life without day & night.

So kill me my dear knight.






Akshaya Thulasi 🌼

Hey Assailant….

One-day life mysteriously took

Breath on me

Mysteriously put lips& heart in me

Mysteriously taught me

The word happiness

Mysteriously spread a black shade

Of the word sadness over it

I wonder….

How these two come simultaneously

Like a mysterious game

Played by children

Just for fun

But this mysterious game

Played by someone

Is not for fun

But for what ?

I don’t know…

But I can understand one thing

That sadness is directly

proportional to happiness

As happiness increases

The sadness will also increases.

This mysterious game will

Deposit a dark pale of depression

over the merry cherry heart

Stow drops of tears to wet

The jocular smiling lips mysteriously.

Fedup with this mysterious game

Want to break the rules

And let it them fly in the sky

Don’t want to be happy

As don’t want to bear sadness

Mysteriously for no reason.

Want to quit this

Mysterious Game






Akshaya Thulasi 🌼

The Mysterious Game

Happy Wednesday everyone!

Today I’m back with another blogger award, today the Sunshine Blogger Award! I’ve gotten this one a couple of days ago , but it always makes me cry when people think of me and tag me for it So thank you for the nominations Zeesviews .

Dear readers , please visit her blog & feel the magic she arranged there with her words & mind . She is really really an awesome blogger.

Link : https://collectingpuzzles668395330.wordpress.com/

The Rules

  • Thank the blogger(s) that nominated you and link back to their blog.
  • Answer the 11 questions set by the person that nominated you.
  • Tag 5-11 new blogs and to receive the award and write them 11 new questions.
  • List the rules and display the Sunshine Blogger Award logo on your post/blog.

My answers :

Q1 Are you an introvert or extrovert person?

Ans : Actually , I’m confused about it & wandering to find it .

Q2 what kind of movies you like?

Ans : Sentimental ( those movies which can pluck a pair of tears from eyes)💙

Q3 What would you prefer: love marriage or arrange?

Ans : I hate both 😏😏😏😏

Q4 Any weird dream or desire?

Ans : Want to visit Hell 😜

Q5 What genre of songs you listen the most?

Ans : All (except fast songs😏😏😏 )

Q6 What will your preference: party or to be alone?

Ans : To be alone 💪💪💪

Q7: What you like the most about yourself?

Ans : Nothing special

Q8: Reset the list on priority basis: Myself➡️family➡️friends➡️dreams➡️money

Ans : Family ➡️ Myself ➡️ Friends Money ( no priority , To me they are mere papers)

Q9: Favourite singer??

Ans : Nightingale ( may be it is a bird , but it sings with its own heart & never shows any vanity )

Q10: Would you like to say something to the creator of the WordPress?

Ans : Thank you , Thank you , Thank you , Thank you , Thank you …….for making my life meaningful & blessing me with many kind talented people ( especially Riman Ray , Akshay Kumar Das , Sushama , Sameer Thobani & Kranti )

My Questions :

  1. What made you want to start a blog?
  2. Your favourite post & share its link ( in your own blog)
  3. Your favourite post from another blogger in WordPress ?? ( Share its link)
  4. How did you come up with your blog name ?
  5. Your favourite blogger ?
  6. Your hobbies?
  7. Are you a optimist / pessimist ?
  8. According to you , what is life ?
  9. Reset the list on priority basis: mobile phone ➡️ Food ➡️sleep ➡️ Myself ➡️Lover
  10. If you could move anywhere in the world where would it be?

My nominees :

📍Optimistic Soul







📍Stuart L Tutt


📍Moushmi Radhanapara


📍Rahul Gaur

Millions & Thousands & hundreds of THANKS Zeesviews.

With love

Akshaya Thulasi 🌼

2nd Sunshine Blogger Award

An anguish letter is a poem written with a theme related to William Wordsworth , One of the greatest poets in English Literary World. I have written this poem as a letter written by Annette vallon to her beloved husband William Wordsworth .

An Anguish Letter

Darling ….

The days are leaving

The summer is gone

The time is running

The light is fading

And Caroline is growing.

Ever since you had left my side

There hasn’t a single moment

Passed without the benign touch

Of your memories

No matter how much I try

But I can’t run away

From your memories.


Just as the earth awaits a rain

I wish for you in my life

As I gaze into that dark sky

Some liquid diamonds

From my eyes spread there

To kiss that sky of your eyes

I have no idea

How to get those angelic night back

To get back those days

I had spent

Laughing with you

Dreaming with you

And building our future

Now you’re gone , I’m miserable

Why do God did this to me ?

I didn’t do anything

But give birth to your daughter

Loved you with my heart and soul.


My dear…..

Would it be easy for you

To forget about all moments

We have shared with relish.

Do you remember our past days ??

Do you remember our Caroline ??


Oh my heart…..

Please please please..

Come back to me

Come back to our days

Come back to our daughter

Come back to our soul.


Dear william

I can’t tell you how much I miss

Your love and lovely words

Your song and alluring voice

Have you stopped humming it ?

Has everything been long gone ??

Please dear. . please come back

This is my 67th letter

Please send a reply

Please come back.. I beg you

Once more feel my life with love








Akshaya Thulasi 🌼

( PS : Today ( 11/09/2018) our guest lecturer Mr Ratheesh Sreedhar has taught us the life history of Wordsworth ( A-Z) . This is a poem written in association with that .

Story :

Once Wordsworth visited Revolutionary France and became enchanted with the beauty of a French girl , named Annette Vallon ( Daughter of a Doctor) . He fell in love with her & got married . In 1792, she gave birth to their daughter Caroline. After a while he left them in France and went back to England .Then Annette become so depressed and began to write letters to him ( requesting him to come back), but she didn’t get any reply ..)

An Anguish Letter

ShE is a thief

Has dark eyes

with black boundaries

Of mysterious beauty

She is a thief

Has no lust for wealth

Has a mind with health

To please him

She is a thief

Come to steal his heart

With her white love

From her red heart

She is a thief

Who always prowl

to capture his heart

For alloting her whole life

Within his heart

She is a thief

Hankers for constructing

A palace on his heart

With the diamonds of her love .

She is a thirsty damsel

Thirstiness , not for mann-dew

But for his luscious love.

She is a thief

Wants to pilfer his name

Wants to make it her surname.

She is a thief

Hates worshipping God

But always worships him

And exalt her love on him

She is a thief

Dedicated herself for him

In endless tarry over nights.

Finally , she found him

Across the valleys of dark night

Through her half dying eyes

By opening her half dying ears

She asked for his name

With her half dying voice

With his benignant voice

He replied ……………..

People call me DEATH.





Akshaya Thulasi 🌼

The Thief’S Tarry

Hello everyone!

I have received my second bloggers recognition award! I am really grateful to IDEALIDEAS for nominating me.

About Idealideas :

This an awesome blog in wordpress , i love this blog very much because it always deals with simple , yet familiar topics but always holds an awesome content . I kindly recommend this blog to you all.

Here’s the link:



  • Thank the blogger that nominated you and give a link to their site.
  • Do a post to show your award
  • Give a summary of how your blog started
  • Give two pieces of advice for any new bloggers
  • Select at least 15 other bloggers for this award
  • Let each nominee know you’ve nominated them and give a link to your po

How my blog got started.

I started with my blog on 2 July, 2018. I am a literature student with hypernormal creativity and imaginative powers. I just want to live in a world of literary world and this is what keeps me going. This is the world where i can publish my drawings and writings without any barriers & with great confidence.

My main motive is to support and encourage other talented bloggers and making this world a better place to live. I believe that spreading a ray of hope and sparks of sunshine is the true duty of every artist . I am living here as a girl who spreads light .

Advice to bloggers:

✳️ Write for yourself first :

Write for yourself first & foremost. Ignore the fact that anyone else will read what you write; just focus on your thoughts, ideas, opinions and figure out how to put those into words. Write it and they will come.

✳️ Love your existing readers :

Love the readers you already have. A lot of bloggers get quite obsessed with finding new readers – to the point that they ignore the ones they already have. Yes – do try to find new readers but spend time each day showing your current readers that you value them too and you’ll find that they will help you grow your blog.



















Once again thank you soooooo much Idealideas💙💙💙💙💙💙





Akshaya Thulasi 🌼

2nd Bloggers Recognition Award🏆

When you look into my eyes

You can see buried dreams

When you listen to my heartbeats

You can hear buried dreams.


Whilom those dreams forge

On my heart with a burble

Of melodic colours of dodo

With the wings of bird chief.


They made my Iris to dance

On the floor of imagination

They made my heart to weave

Fantasy with golden threads.


But they were buried here

Under my heart now

With burble of broken heart

And bathing in my salty tears.


Dreams are the wings of life

Dreams are the colour of eyes

Dreams are the guide of thoughts

But they are the pain of our heart.


Living with buried dreams

Is worse than dying with bullets

It’s painful than burning injuries

They are the pain of our life.


Buried thoughts will attract

Negative insects and debris

To our heart through others

It will bring pessimism on Us.


Don’t let our dreams to burial

Don’t allow our dreams

For filling tears on your eyes

And for breaking your heart.


Weave limited dreams

Then fulfil them

with our own hardwork

Prevent your dreams from burial.


Don’t weave dreams

Which need others part tooooo

It will leave buried dreams

Under your heart with trauma.


Make your dreams unburied

Think clearly

Dream wisely

Understand what we are ..





Akshaya Thulasi 🌼

Buried dreams

Afar the smiling red lips

There is a growing pain

With black lips of trauma

Can’t be noticed by no one

Can be proliferated by anyone.


The pain is growing

Without notice

Without permission

Without relief

Without reason too..


The growing pain is not the pain

Of despair in love or romance

Not the pain of financial wreck

It is the pain from beloved ones.

A gift from beloved trusted ones.


The growing Pain is sowed

By the actions of someone else

Then fatten by another someone

Then they all will pile up

Within the heart for erecting

Tears of thick red gore of pain.


There is no pain killer discovered

There is no excercise unearthed

For abating this growing pain

Can’t be amortized by the prudence

The pain will grow & grow forever.


Sometimes it is injected

Through their eyes of hatred

Through the limbs of their actions

But mostly through the lips of words

They used against us for no reason.


Words are the omnipotent weapon

We can sow the seeds of relief

We can sow the seeds of pain

Through it and can reap high yield .

But don’t use it for growing pain .


Always try to reap the fruit of relief.

Because growing pain is demise





Akshaya Thulasi

Growing Pain