Along with the race of time

My memories will run out

Of your heart ……

Like names written in the sea shore

& Will vanishes from you


Then I will become

Some waste bundles of sand

Lies in the sea shore bootless

Under the boots of others

But may I ask.. ..

Will you ……

Please put my name

somewhere in your heart

Can’t be erased by time

Or can’t be washed out

by strong waves

Will you …. ???

It’s a request

from a finis heart

Will you ….???

Will you…..?

It’s not made up of wood or metal
It’s not made by carpenter or blacksmith
It’s not made within in the factory or workshop
It’s not a renewable resource.
It is called Trust.


It is made up of our heart
It is made by our heart
It is made within our heart
It is a non renewable valuable fact
Yes it is known as trust.


Hey it is in here and there
It’s in you and me
It’s erect upon me through his words
It’s boosted upon me by his eyes
It’s escalated upon me with his promises.


But he broke it
Broken into pieces & pieces
Broken trust always leaves a splinter
Of shattered dreams with a Lacuna
Can’t be filled by anyone.


Broken trust is like a melted chocolate
Can’t be turn back to normal
Broken trust is like boiled egg
Can’t be turn back
Broken trust is like crushed grass
Can’t be turn back……..


Trust is also an emotion
Emerged from our heart
Filled with our blood
Don’t try to break
It is painful as pierced bullets
And will concoct the river of blood




Please don’t break trust

Akshaya Thulasi 🌼