Hey God !

Thank you so much

For making the condition better

For saving our lives

For avoiding more destruction.


Oh God ..

Some blame us

By saying , these all were happened

Because of our activities

Against nature & you

Isn’t it , God 🤔.


But God…

I don’t think so

Because all those people suffered

In that disastrous flood were ordinary people

Who always keep loving nature & you.


So God …

I don’t think so

I think it’s your naughty trick

To show us the love & care

Between nations , between states

Between the people in Kerala .


God …

I had heed the heart of malayalees

It’s really full of love

But their busy life made them so cruel

Now everything came back to old form

Full of love , care , selflessness.


Thanks God….

I think this is the real onam

After long years

Malayalees celebrated onam

With great unity & with deep love.

Care for each other without distinction.


God …

Now we all are equal

Living in same place

Sharing food , sharing clothes

Now there is no more I, my & You,your

But only WE & Our


God …

We celebrated Bakrid & Onam

Under the single roof of love

With the wealth of unity & care

Shared love with each other.

Hey mahabali …

please come to cognizance it.


God …

Now it’s the real God’s own country

No religion , no caste , no colour

But only love and care

Hey mahabali….

Please come & visit your country

God’s own country .


God …..

Thank you

This year – 2018

I glimpsed the real Kerala

First time in my life

And love you God .




Akshaya Thulasi 🌼


God’s own country ….our own kerala💪

We celebrated Bakrid & Onam without no discrimination 🤗

( മാവേലി നാടു വാണീടും കാലം മനുഷ്യർ എല്ലാം ഒന്നു പോലെ)

A letter to God