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🎈 HBD🎈Mr Tech Guru🍰

🎁 Today is the 26th birthday of a very special young man in this world of talented and creative people. I want to mention him as the special because he is special than anyone , he is multi-talented man & I consider him as the most talented blogger in this WordPress. I’m sure you all know of him, but I think you may not know about some hidden talents in UNNI BABU . I came across several versions of this talents few days ago and thought it a perfect way to wish Unni Babu a very 🎈HAPPY BIRTHDAY🎈.

About Unni Babu :

Born : 24/08/1992

He is a

✳️ Software Engineer

✳️ BA English literature student

✳️ Short story writer

✳️ Poem writer

✳️ Short film maker

✳️ Game developer

✳️ Web developer

✳️ Animator

✳️ Painter

✳️ Singer

✳️ Good Teacher

Most creative work :

▢️ ( please watch it , it’s an award function created by Unni sir.)

Short stories :



Poems :



Short film :


Animations :



Games :

paintings :

( Please watch this video , a slideshow of Unni sir’s paintings )


He is a man who paints pictures with his heart , all of them were really touching & they all want to say millions & millions of stories , pains , etc to us . Unni Babu is really a talented person , but I wonder why he is still remaining as unknown . Definitely , one day his name will appear on the front row along with names of famous talented personalities .

Contact :

WordPress :

Facebook. : Unni Babu

Twitter. : Unni Babu

Google+. : Unni Babu

Instagram : Unni Babu

Also can search on

YouTube : Unni Babu

Pinterest. : Unni Babu

Deviant Art. : Unni Babu

Quora. : Unni Babu

Your quotes. : Unni Babu

( If you are not following him , please follow him as soon as possible . Upon God , he is really an awesome blogger as well as talented creative young introvert )

Now ……….. I want to wish him a very Big🎊🎊🎊🎊🎊🎊🎊🎊🎊🎊🎊🎊🎊

🍰Happy Birthday 🍰


Also want to give a big salute to this kind hearted man

May God bless you Unni sir



You are really great Mr Tech Guru .

Once again happy birthday to you Brother 😊






Akshaya Thulasi is a 22 year old Indian Bilingual Writer, Published Author and Social Media Influencer From Kerala. Now, she is doing her Masters in English Language and Literature. She is the author of the books "From My Mind', & "Her Verses", and also the co-author of the book "3". She has written 112 poems in English and Malayalam, 3 short stories,Β  7 essays and 467 quotes till now.

60 thoughts on “🎈 HBD🎈Mr Tech Guru🍰

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    1. You are my brother , it’s my duty to praise you
      Many many happy returns of the day
      Definitely one day you will become famous .
      & Chocolates for you 🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫


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