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🤗 20 on 20 🤗

Happy💃 ….Happy 💃……Happy💃 … Extremely Happy 💃

This day 👉 20 August , I’m very very because it’s my 20th birthday .. Hahaha … it’s really awesome for being 20 on 20🤗 .

Ha ! God
What a feeling …
Turning into 20 on 20 ..
Thank you so much dear
For bringing a sweet – bitter
Birthday for me .


It’s sweet because
It’s the first time my age
Begins with digit 2
It’s bitter because
It’s the first time my mind
Begins pondering on getting old.


20th birthday is a milestone
In the life of everyone
It marks the official ending
Of being a teenager
And ushers one into adulthood.
It’s time for sayanora to childishness.


Last midnight, I ruminate over all
Moments which palpate on me
Till that moment ….till last of 19 years
I had been enrolled on all tastes of life
They all are bitter -sweet
None is solely bitter or solely sweet.


Now I’m rich , not with money
But with experiences
Of darkness & light
I’m powerful , not with muscles
But with power to face challenges
And have confidence to live my life.


I believe in myself
I love myself
I care myself
I know myself
I want myself
This is how my life from this day .


Thanks to all people
Who love me , hate me
Who care me , hurt me
Because you people made me
Better than better from bitter.
Burnish me from inferior me .


And today is my 20th birthday
On this August 20, 20 on 20
I don’t know how many birthdays
And August 20s will there for me more.
So now , I wish happy birthday to me
Many many happy returns to me.