Over the clouds

Of God’s own country

That menacing droplets of rain

Showers like pearls of heaven .


We malayalees savoured its arrival

Just before our great festival onam

As a blessing from mahabali

For our prosperity and opulence.


But soon we spot him as the envoy

Of some evil spirits from hell

May be with motive to smash

Our festive mood with pearls of hell.


In lieu of golden onam sunshine

He built a silver dome of flood

Over Kerala by ousting the cheers

On their faces for inviting mahabali.


Cries of helplessness embarked

Floods inducted from here and there

No food , no shelter , no hope

Dilemma ! Dilemma ! Dilemma !.


We don’t know how to pray

And from where to seek help

Who protect us , who console us

Dilemma ! Dilemma ! Dilemma !.


Mom’s cries for her children

Children’s for their parents

Heard from everywhere

As a rattle of holocaust.


A dark parasol of fear on death

Spread over our eyes and our body

We begged ,cried and prayed a lot

In front of rain flood for our lives.


Now ! It’s our request

Infront of you all……..


Pray for us

Pray for our beloved ones

Pray for our land

Pray for kerala .





Akshaya Thulasi

# pray for kerala .

The rain flood