The phenomenon I call ambition

Is a creative disaster

Created on us by many factors

May be parents, friends or someone

Or by some incidents.


After its birth , it began

To haunt us endlessly

In our day and night

In our ken and vacuity

It becomes perpetual on ourselves.


Ambition is a tree

Grown up with the Meristems

Usually from other’s words .

It is a fire , spread on our veins

Which disturbs our sleep.


Ambition is a phenomenon

Which acts differently on

Different people with different result

It paves someone to success

And spread happiness in them.


Concurrently spread frustration

In others by offering failure

After creating many hopes in them

That’s why I want to call

This phenomenon as creative disaster.


Ambition takes us to a cliff

Above thousand meters from Earth

And below one meter from Stars

Some people defeat that one meter

While some were defeated by those thousand meters.





Akshaya Thulasi


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