Achu …..

That lassie , come to him

As a rain of love drops

With beautiful twinkling eyes

Of heavenly Uzziel.


He called her A – C – H – U

A Charming  Holy  Uzziel

On that rainy day

In that veranda

She come to him as Aphrodite.


She wove a nonpareil briciaibac

In the nitty-gritty of his heart

Through her eyes

A sudden conflagration

Spread over his veins.


For the first time

He knew the taste of manna dew

Of romance in heaven

Through those eyes

With his sparkling heart.


Each look she paid towards him

Made him melting like a avalanche

When avalanches pay a look

Towards the divine romance

Of Shiva & parvathy .


In the bric-a-bac and

In the bric-a-brac

Inside his heart began

To fill with the romance

Of Eros on Aphrodite .


He saw Cupid’s Aphrodite in her

Romeo’s Juliet in her eyes

Paris’s Helena in her smile

Majnun’s Lyla in her cheeks

He stood as static as Tajmahal.


His lips began to sing A-C-H-U

Eyes go ahead to draw A-C-H-U

Ears plunge to hear A-C-H-U

Heart kick to beat A-C-H-U

ACHU began to spread everywhere.





Akshaya Thulasi