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Good morning

Through my windows,

That virgin sun rays

Fall upon me ,

Like a shower of love

And said Good Morning.


Through my half sleepy eyes,

I gaped , upon the sun

He goggles at me ,

Guffawed at me

Then wish me , Good morning.


Through a miraculous voice

He ardently murmured

wake up this day

Wake up , wake up…my sweety

Please take my Good morning.


Through a benign touch

He admonished me to

Forget the pain of yesterday

Enjoy the joy of today

And said Good morning.


Through the Sunbeam hug

He said , from today to tomorrow

Now and forever

I will There for you

With a sweet Good morning.


Through that cold breeze ,

He requested me to

Have the honor and the privilege

To call me his wife and to wish

Everyday Good morning .


Through a melodious song

He sang ,

Wants to be my favourite hello

And hardest goodbye

Also , dearest Good morning.


Through the alarm clock ,

I realize that ,it was a dream

an improbable dream

Then I wake up with usual sadface

Wished myself a Good morning .






Akshaya Thulasi


✳️ Literature Student ✳️From USA ( United Streets of Arackal)  ✳️Indian  ✳️Malayalee ✳️Kollam district # kottarakara  ✳️ Pet name : Thumbi ✳️ Become 20 on 20 August 2018. Akshaya Thulasi is a 20 years old English literature Student from Kerala, India. Currently, she is doing her master's in English language & Literature at Indira Gandhi national open university. At the same time, she has been working as a English Content Writer in a digital marketing company in Kerala named WEBINNOVATES

90 thoughts on “Good morning

    1. True ….
      In my opinion ….they are actually wasting their time on Facebook WhatsApp , especially on WhatsApp …it’s really really absurdity
      I think they didn’t derive any pleasure & happiness from it

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      1. You’re welcome 🌹
        I liked your blog poems.
        Though they seem a bit sad, but they are wonderfully studded with exotic words.
        Makes me remember a fellow blogger who writes on similar topics on Instagram. You can follow her @mysticalgirl16

        Liked by 2 people

      2. Glad to have these appreciation from you shrey chheda…💐💐💐
        I had followed you on this WordPress
        But I can’t follow you on Instagram now as I had uninstalled all those insta , fb , WhatsApp etc .


  2. With a hopeful hope,
    With a supplication to accept,
    I forward my hand,
    For you to accept my friendship!

    Will you?

    Happy friendship day! 😍😍😊😊😊

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m really happy to have this friendship request on this special day.

      Sure !!! Accepted your friendship with my heart .
      Happy friendship day 🍫


    1. For this kind words , caring & also for those infinite support ” Thank You Krishna “💜💜💜💜💜💜💜


  3. Good morning Akshaya❤️❤️, beautiful lines…❤️❤️
    .. what happened to you??a lot of people are here expecting more and more posts from u , be happy, as i said something good is waiting for you , God is planning something and we dont know his plans, so wait for it, it will come soon..
    i want you to post a poem on ‘hope’ very next

    Liked by 3 people

    1. I couldn’t ever tell you how much your thoughtfulness meant to me. Just know that it was a major blessing in my little life. Thoughtful and generous are two words I think of when I think of you. Thanks!Thanks ! and thanks again. You deserve every “thank you” Joy is bubbling over in my heart because of you!
      Ok sure !! I will post a poem on hope ( but you can only expect a pessimistic poem , not an optimistic 😔😔)
      Good morning shaiha razak 💜 💜

      Liked by 2 people

      1. 😔😔😔ok I will weave an optimistic poem about ” hope ” for you , only for you . Are you Happy now ??
        ഇനി പറ എന്നോട് കൂട്ടുകൂടുമോ ??🤔

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      2. I will try my best !! I hope it will be extremely an optimistic poem , bcoz I’m writing it for you , not for me 😊😊😊

        Liked by 1 person

      3. u shud keep optimistic thoughts, not just inside the poem, in your mind also,’ hope’ keep that in mind, if the time comes, it will just happen.

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  4. Oh.. Wake up akshaya.. Here is me, wishing on behalf of the sun, a very good morning.. No.. It wasn’t a dream.. The sun was bit late to pass his wishes since the moon occupied yesterday with the eclipse..

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    1. My heart is overflowing with gratitude. Thanks from the bottom of my heart.Bunches and bunches of thanks Deepa 😊! My heart is still all fuzzy!💜💜💜💜💜

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  5. പ്രതീക്ഷിച്ച ജീവിതം ഈ ലോകത്തിൽ ആർക്കും കിട്ടിയിട്ടില്ല… എന്ന് കരുതി ആരും പ്രതീകഷയില്ലാതെ ജീവിക്കുന്നുമില്ല… ഗുഡ് മോർണിംഗ്

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